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The most obvious way to claim back some valuable toilet floor space is by changing from a having a bathtub to just having a shower. This might not feasible for every toilet, though – and every owner. You may still find ways to reduce the level of real estate your bath occupies, though. Should your tub be built in a wall alcove, there could be considerably more space to be gained through pulling the tub and its framework out. You will be able to replace the built-in the bathtub with a free-standing one. This not only saves space, but in addition, looks classier.

The tradition of bathroom suites was simply demarcated areas for the toilet and the shower area and a bit of space in-between for the vanity, the mirror, and the sink and storage cabinets. Designers today however are coming up with more versatile refreshing and modern ideas, giving good looks for the bathroom. One of them is moving away from the common shower curtain and even the shower door to specifically a glass shower door.

What Is Included In A Bathroom Remodel

Do Bathroom Remodels Need A Permit

Concerned by left or right handed bathroom furniture? We explain the terminology – and give you some installation tips.

As falling becomes more prevalent among elderly people, there are many modifications that can be made to the bathroom to make daily tasks easier. These modifications include installing raised toilet seats, safety rail bars, replacing glass shower doors, and buying non-slip mats for the bathroom floor.

The New Year is a time of renewal –looking ahead, visualizing, and anticipating positive changes and developments for our selves in the year to come. This time-honored tradition takes on many forms: new year’s resolutions to lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, find ways to reduce stress in our busy lives; give away or recycle old possessions that have outlived their usefulness; and clear out all manner of clutter to make room for new and better things. If you’ve resolved to take better care of yourself this year and be healthier, there’s never been a better time to give the…

When Remodeling A Bathroom What Should You Do First

Planning to redecorate your bathroom? Make sure to include the essential accessories every bathroom should have.

Triton Showers are one of the best and very well known producers of bathroom equipment and accessories. They can offer first class products and services and solutions for every problem. The products are popular because they are of high quality and excellent performance. Every product is made from experts in each field. This ensures that the product is easy to install and use.

Bathroom decoration has become an art today. One can find a number of varieties of basins, floor tiles, wall paints, showers, bathtubs and cabinets in many different colors and qualities. You can have and decorate each of these things according to your own taste. Among all of above described things, bathroom cabinets allow you to keep things inside them in an organized manner. You can find your things easily without having wasting time. Cabinets require special attention for their installation. You should also be very careful about the storage space of these cabinets.

There is no denying that urban homes often boast less space than rural properties and making the most of the available room is no doubt important, which people may want to consider when undertaking renovations on their bathrooms. One solution for refurbishing these areas could be replacing baths with luxurious shower enclosures, complete with glass walls. Smaller homes mean that more money can be spent on nicer finishes. You can stay with the products that are going to be more timeless.

Order In Which To Remodel Bathroom

Advice about glass shower enclosures for the bathroom – quality, shape, installation. How to make a correct choice regarding the supplier while purchasing a shower partition.

Anyone who is mobile through the use of a wheelchair can tell you that bathrooms often pose significant accessibility issues. Simply entering the shower can create a major hurdle because of the edges that are used around the shower pan. These edges are raised several inches above the surrounding floor in order to keep the water inside the shower stall, but they also are too high to get a wheelchair over them safely or comfortably.

A bathroom remodel project is a daunting task, but a little thought and careful planning keeps it from being overwhelming. A bathroom remodel is always last on the “to do” list, but a good investment. You’re not likely to make major changes again for a long time, so be careful to get your measurements right, get them on paper and carefully plan out your remodeling ideas.

Cost To Have Bathroom Remodeled

Not many people are lucky enough to have a bathroom with plenty of space, so if you have a more compact bathroom with limited space it will require more careful planning and good attention to detail. Ensuring that you have a good layout and design means that you will be making the best use of the space available in the bathroom. Think about what you require in your small bathroom and don’t rush into anything.

Today a contemporary bathroom vanity is designed by trained artists. They use combinations of materials such as wood, glass, brass, stainless steel and stone to create special effect. That is why you can have such striking vanities at such low cost.

The bathroom is the place many people retreat to when they want to de-stress, so it makes sense that you would want it to be looking its best. But as well as this you also want the space to be functional, and having practical add-ons like vanity countertops goes a long way towards create the ideal space.

The article is about how bathrooms can be given a remodeling to make them more functional and improving their outlook at the same time. It suggests different ways in which it can be done.

Leakage in the bathroom is a big issue especially when you have to pay a high water bill. Leakage, whether it is minor or major is not good for the bathroom.

Renovation Contractors

Can You Move A Toilet In A Bathroom Remodel

Most of us have seen shows on TV that demonstrate the benefits of a complete gutting and rebuilding of existing bathroom space. A fact that the shows often gloss over, however, is how expensive these remodels really are. Sure, you can hire someone to come in and perform a total makeover, but if you have a smaller budget and would still like to make a difference, there are some things you can do.

Roper Rhodes offer 1500 various designs in bathroom fittings and bathroom accessories. The products are manufactured in various countries, as well, like China, Japan and Taiwan.

How Much Is A Master Bathroom Remodel

Have you ever wondered the History of your bathroom? As normal as they might seem to us, they have not always been out there. If you want to know more about when, where and how they appeared read on.

We have all seen those TV adverts showing stunning bathrooms and it’s natural to imagine your own bathroom looking like that, but wait a moment. Take a closer look at the amount of space used in that bathroom display, in most cases it is larger than the average lounge. The thing to remember is that the company that made the advert have spent huge amounts of money on marketing their products and they are shown to the consumer in the best possible light

With spring just around the corner, the number of buyers and sellers entering the market looks set to increase, it has been suggested – and one way of ensuring that sale is by updating bathroom furniture. Homeowners considering a full bathroom suite renovation, with a view to selling their properties have been advised to ensure the rooms are kept as neutral as possible – and this no doubt includes the colour of the bathroom suite as well.

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