Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

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A retrospective look at a home port of an Arcade Classic. This review takes a look at Altered Beast for the Sega Master System through modern eyes.

Top Best Twitch Streamer

Adventure Time has most definitely taken the world by storm. Head on down to your local Slackers, and you will see comics, figures, and dvds, but now you can finally bring Jake the Dog and Finn the Human with you on the run with Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS! If you are a fan of old school Nintendo games, then right off the bat, you may get a feeling of retro deja vu. The game play is very similar to Zelda II, with an overworld map, and side scrolling dungeon areas sprinkled all around the Land of Ooo.

Day of Defeat the second game in this holy trinity of Half-Life mods to receive the Source treatment. Like Counter-Strike, DoD’s mix of realism and arcade accessibility earned it widespread popularity among online shooter fans. It also managed to capture an authentic WWII atmosphere through polished level design and great attention to detail.

“Did you ever think how much you paid for “”free”” games you downloaded? Did you remember paying 5$ or even more for that weapon to be able to fight harder monsters and bosses? Or alternatively, you had to grind for gold coins for almost a week to be able to get that weapon, how did it feel? Did you miss the old games you paid once to own the game? There were nothing like “”pay to win”” then… Are you fed up with endless in-app purchases that lead you nowhere but purchasing even more?”

One of the most anticipated DLC packs of the celebrated Battlefield 3 title, Close Quarters was released in June of 2012 to generally positive reviews. The first in a series of DLCs that will include Armored Kill and End Game (both scheduled for release later in 2012), Close Quarters adds some impressive new features and interesting twists to one of the most promising game titles in recent history.