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There are many types of toilets to choose from in today’s market. Buying the wrong toilet for your bathroom can be costly, since you can end up with high plumber bills, re-stocking fees and high water bills. The most important factors to consider when selecting the appropriate toilet for your bathroom include: Rough-in Dimension, Bowl Size, Configuration, Flushing System, Height, Color and Design.

You don’t have to stay in a five-star hotel to experience five-star luxury. If you want to transform your bathroom into a luxury retreat, take your inspiration from boutique hotels and bring an elite vibe to your en-suite with these five bathroom design ideas.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Master Bathroom Remodel

How Much Should A Full Bathroom Remodel Cost

It is reported that about every decade or so there is a shift in themes for bathrooms. Homeowners can find different lighting fixtures and design accessories in the stores. Many homeowners will then follow trends and start to make certain changes in their bathrooms. More serious homeowners may even want to change the style of the bath and may event want to install a Vintage Bath in the bathroom.

As rooms go, the bathroom stands out as one if not the most prominent room to consist within the home. Most people will agree that when given a chance to envisage their perfect home the bathroom is dreamt of featuring extravagance and luxury all contained within a large room. This will feature expensive items such as hand crafted furniture combined with a mixture of traditional and modern fixtures and fittings.

Your bathtub is among the first things you see when entering your bathroom. It can also be one of the most expensive fixtures to replace. But if your existing tub is starting to look dated or is becoming troublesome it may be purchase that is time to make.

Who Is The Best Bathroom Remodel

Nowadays there is an enormous range of design options available to anyone remodeling their bathroom or even building a new one. Along with the selection of various bathroom fittings and furnishings is the new and attractive option of wall hung toilets and concealed cisterns.

Here you will learn what exactly is a vessel bath sink. You will see how they are different than a traditional under mount sink.

Walk in shower cubicles are currently a chic and popular addition to bathroom designs, which shows that a lot of us opt for ease and usability that these shower cubicles provide. They come in all sorts of styles, whilst this means you can surely find one that will match your bathroom’s style and decors.

In this article the author discusses how to create your desired en suite. The article addresses some construction improvements which could be included in any re-design, as well as some homely touches to create your desired ambiance.

Do Bathroom Remodels

If you’re looking for a top of the line toilet with maximum flushing power there’s no other than the TOTO Lloyd Elongated One Piece Toilet. You can have peace of mind for years with a clog free toilet and say goodbye to your plumber.

Shower curtains can transform the feel and look of a bathroom. However, the available options for these curtains on the market are very limited. For those who are looking to make changes to their bathrooms but can find nothing to match, making…

Learn why marble bathroom countertops are so popular. They offer plenty of benefits: durability, aesthetics and easy to maintain.

How Often Should You Remodel Your Bathroom

When it comes to designing and furnishing our homes, we will generally have our own ideas about how we need our house to look. However, many people still stick with boring and conventional ideas for designing their bathrooms. They tend to forget that bathroom is one of the most important spaces at homes. That is probably the reason why so much importance is being given for designing bathrooms these days.

Bathroom renovations can be quite daunting and you wonder if you’re making the right decision when it comes to your larger products and your taps. There is always one thing to keep in mind when choosing products for the space, keep the same style throughout.

First we want to identify what’s bona fide teak which is used to fabricate the best, longest lasting, sturdy shower seating, shower mats, shower organizers and accessories ideal for the warm, muggy and wet surroundings of a steam bath, spa, shower or bathing area. As I discussed in a earlier article (Teak Shower Seat, Why Choose Teak?), teak has unsurpassed and essential properties for rot resistance, strength, attractiveness and toughness when used to fabricate the spa accessories, so we need not head into this here.

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Read these 4 tips first.

Upgrading your bathroom or designing a new bathroom suite can be an exciting process. When aiming for luxury and form as well as everyday function, products from Laufen bathrooms help to achieve the ultimate in bathroom decor.

Renovation Contractors

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom

No matter what your style or design preferences, there’s a wenge item out there for you. Take a look through our buyers’ guide to wenge bathroom furniture to pick up some tips.

With the cost of gas and electricity spiralling out of control people are thinking more than ever about how they can heat their homes efficiently to help reduce heating costs. As well as this people are more aware of the environmental cost of heating their homes and are constantly looking for ways to ensure there is as little wastage of energy as possible. One of the most efficient forms of heating your home is by using under floor heating.

How To Begin Bathroom Remodel

Dealing with electrical wirings in your house is a serious business and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to be very careful when you install these things in your room or in your house. Or better yet, allow them licensed electricians to do it for you. This is important if you really want to make sure that everything is safely installed and everything would be running fine. Electricity, if not dealt with properly could spell danger and these dangers are lethal and deadly.

Renovating or updating your bathroom is a time that is exciting but would require careful thought. Whether you will be gutting the entire room or simply updating some of the features is up to you and the budget you have set aside for the project. Often, many homeowners can get away with minimal and cost-effective solutions that would greatly improve the look and functionality of the room, and much of the work can be a DIY project.

Ironically, vintage bathtubs and vintage bath basins are two of the most popular trends in remodeling and home decor. Antiques never go out of style and that is why vintage bathroom fixtures will always be in style. It has taken America by storm. Auction houses sell antique claw foot tubs at astounding prices and new companies are opening up all over to specialize in the refinishing of these.

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